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Whispering Floral is a delicate design of flowy steel-toned flowers and leaves. Even without coloration, these peony-esque flowers have a realness to them with their large and lush petals. The name - Whispering Floral - implies that these blossoms have something to say, a secret message to relay. Flowers, through all their variety of forms, hold a rich history of communicating via symbolism in art and spirituality.


Has a bloom ever caught your eye and captured your attention suddenly and sharply? Perhaps it is whispering something to you, a subtle and gentle message from your spirit guides, angels, or loved ones from the other side.


Our peel and stick, removable wallpaper is a proprietary product made from 100% polyester fabric with a removable self-adhesive opaque backing for easy application on a wide variety of surfaces. We also offer a commercial grade "type II" fire-rated wallpaper that is more suited for textured or "orange peel" surfaces (wallpaper paste/adhesive required, see our FAQ for more details).


We highly recommend ordering a sample prior to placing your order. This will help to ensure you are happy with the print, color, and scale of the pattern. Additionally, the sample will help to determine if the product works well with your wall surface.

Whispering Floral