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The Wallbliss Story

Our mission is to celebrate home design as an expression of self-love and personal power, with quality products that are sustainably-made in collaboration with real artists.


WallBliss is a business that celebrates humanity above all, because interior design is not just about the space - it is also about the people who occupy it. 


As you make design choices - whether it be for your home, your child’s nursery, your workspace, or a public place of gathering - styling the walls is a powerful reflection and daily reminder of what you are manifesting for yourself and those sharing the space.

Our design collections are curated to reflect the best parts of yourself, providing a constant reminder of what makes you vibrant, healthy, and happy. 


We understand that you as a person are always evolving, and discovering new and exciting facets of your personality depending on the season of your experience, the chapter of your life. We invite you to style your walls in a way that acts as your daily mantra of creativity, peace, and personal empowerment.


Interior design is a two-way street. It can be used as an expression of something you already strongly recognize in yourself, or it can be used as inspiration for something you want to cultivate. Decorating your space is an act of gratitude for your home, as well as an act of love for yourself, so boldly move ahead with cultivating your unique bliss.

jessica wall bliss

Jessica's Journey:
          A Love Letter

The pandemic pulled the rug out from under my feet, and brought along with it many significant lifestyle changes. On top of being in the beginning stages of quarantine, something inside me pushed me to take a big leap. I left my unfulfilling and over-demanding job, my marriage came to an end, and I moved to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. 


Despite - or perhaps thanks to - the shock of so many major life shifts, I had a spark inside me. A spark of motivation and courage that told me, “I can do this”. 


I come from a creative family with a background in graphic design, photography, ceramics, and home decor. I decided to carry on the family tradition and to honor my childhood passion for interior design, and so I started WallBliss.


An Act of Faith.


Investing in Inner Wellbeing.


Finding Real Purpose.

If you were to ask me what success is, I would say this: success is taking a big leap outside of your comfort zone and trusting yourself to figure it out. 


The cycle of disruption, transformation, and alignment is universal and will continue to repeat itself as long as we are human beings. Each WallBliss design is itself a pattern that in its repetition creates a beautiful and harmonious mosaic. Fall in love with the patterns, cycles, rhythms, and flow of your life - they are what make you human and beautiful.

No matter where you are in the world - whether you are renting, owning, or couch surfing - you’re always at home in your Self. 



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