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Waves is an energetic and dynamic print that carries you to distant open waters. It is strongly reminiscent of the incredibly famous Japanese woodblock print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. The Waves print even uses Prussian blue, the first synthetic pigment, and the same color Hokusai used. The ocean is one of the greatest mysteries on Earth, with only 20% of it having been explored. In addition to being one of the most mysterious forces of nature, it is also the strongest. Contemplating a large body of water can bring both a sense of calm as well as inspire awe at its power. The repetitive pattern of the Waves print reminds us that even though life is a powerful and poorly understood mystery, it has a flow, a cycle, a tide. Can you catch the waves of your life and surf your unique rhythm? Although you may not understand everything, or feel powerless in the face of nature, you can trust in the steady cadence of its flow.


  • Measure the length and height of your wall/surface and round up to the nearest foot for both measurements. Our wallpaper comes in either 2 foot or 4 foot widths and is installed side-by-side from left to right without overlap (“butt jointed”). For a DIY install, we suggest 2’ panels, as they are easier to hang but if you prefer less seams, go with the 4’ and have a friend help you install. The pattern scale represents the size of the design on a 2’ wide panel.

  • If you are not satisfied for any reason with the design, color or quality of your order, we are happy to offer exchanges on any unused product. Because all products are made to order, we are unable to accept returns and/or issue refunds. For this reason, we urge you to order a sample first to ensure your satisfaction. Keep in mind there can be a slight color variance from batch to batch as a result of the digital printing process.

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